Collection: 1M x 1M Small Ponds

Our smallest selection of ponds, suitable for plants and a very small fish. Many use these as water features and build waterfalls set within their garden. All our ponds can be put below ground without fear of rotting or causing damage. 

Wall thickness 27mm or 44mm. 

Raised Wooden Pond - 27mm; 5-year pond and liner guarantee.
Raised Wooden Pond - 44mm; 10-year pond and liner guarantee.

Delivery time scale is usually the following week from date of your order. When you order a pond from us, we put this into production and usually within around 3 working days we get a notification that the pond is ready. You will then receive a shipping notification from us, which indicates that the item is with the courier who will then contact you directly to arrange a day for delivery. 

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